Welcome to Samata School in Bhaktapur

Samata school in Bhaktapur is a big family, loving and welcoming. Here you’ll make lots of friends. Join us as a volunteer; we’ll treat you as one of us while you will have the flexibility to explore the unique world heritage site Bhaktapur and the beauty of the surroundings of the Kathmandu valley. Your skills are valuable to us and you will be invited to take part in classes at different levels, organize workshops and activities, and join events and festivals. We don’t have significant economic resources, but we are rich in human capital. So we want to raise funds to build a new school with better infrastructure. Samata is awaiting you!!! Apply on Worldpackers and volunteer at our school. Click the button for more information.


Our goal is to build a new school with a better infrastructure. It is time to raise funds. Learn more about the project by following the button

What our children say

I joined three years ago Samata School in Bhaktapur. I like the place a lot. It educates me for the future and following my dreams. I want to learn new skills and improve my English. I feel here at home

― Girl, Grade 9

Namaste! I recently transfered from another school to Samata in Bhaktapur. I prefer the school because I can make new friends and benefit a lot for my future to find a job.

― Boy, Grade 9

What our teachers say

I like to share and give my social knowledge to our students. I am fascinated of them, I love to see them happy and treat them as my family members. Without the proper nutritions it is difficult for children to grow strong and be successful in life.

― Health teacher with 10 years experience

About us

We support children which are in need. We provide affordable education while keeping the standards at a high level.


Samata Shiksha Niketan
Primary & Secondary School
Bhaktapur 44800